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Client Relations    

  • We maintain a strict non-disclosure policy with regard to the names of our clients and associates. 
  • We use the highest level assurance guarantee of satisfaction possible. 

    The highest level of assurance of satisfaction is the arrangement where you pay for services rendered only upon completion of them as per agreement, and you pay for them only if you are satisfied with the results. 

  • To maximize the potential of this new knowledge, we offer ongoing support by serving in an advisory capacity.  We are available to our clients 24/7.
  • We place no limitations, stipulations or time constraints on our relationship with clients.  Our goal is to insure your success and we will succeed.  
  • To our clients who are elected officials and legislators of America, our goal is to insure that you learn how to empower your individual communities and ultimately your civilization. 
  • To our clients who are top-level corporate managers, our goal is to insure that you maximize your potential profits today and far into the future.  In return, we expect that you support us in our efforts to restore, fortify and preserve America for our children and future generations and to insure they inherit a safe and civil world.
  • It is our policy to work with just one client per industry. This policy adds further assurance that you will outperform your competition.
  • Because of the level of commitment we make to our clients, we must limit the number with whom we work.  We select clients based largely on their commitment to help us restore, fortify and preserve America.
  • Because America is headed for financial and social collapse, we have dedicated our resources to the restoration, fortification and preservation of our country and civilization.  This precludes our ability to work with more than one foreign government at a time.