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Welcome to "Spring Gravity Theory." We are scientists, marketers and social engineers who are applying a breakthrough in understanding human nature to society, government and business. Adopting this new discovery (called “Gravity Theory”) can resolve every social, financial and political problem in America and the world. It can also help executive managers elevate their company image, increase sales and advertise with precision.

However, social engineering is our focus because America is on the brink of financial collapse and millions of citizens have become dependent on government for their basic needs. If our nation's monetary system fails, breadlines will replace the “free” money from government and widespread looting and pilfering will destroy our civilization. Moreover, as the dominant nation of the world, America is the lynchpin. If our civilization fails, the entire world will fall into chaos. To protect ourselves and those we love, we must resolve the social, financial and political problems of America now and then help other nations do the same. Our children and grandchildren are counting on us to pass on the blessings of America and a safe and civil world. If we truly love them, we will not let them down.

Congress cannot balance the budget or resolve America's social problems because representatives are applying the wrong theory of human nature to them. This is why every legislative measure enacted by Congress comes out wrong.

Applying the wrong theory of human nature when attempting to resolve
social problems is analogous to using an incorrect mathematical
formula when attempting to solve problems in arithmetic.

Our elected representatives are not buffoons. They are simply using the wrong formula when trying to resolve America's problems. The details of this discovery are explained in this website. To make it easier to digest and assimilate, the links on the menu to the left break down this discovery into its component parts.


The most powerful companies have the resources and clout to save America and change the world. To facilitate their cooperation, we allocate a portion of our time and effort to help them achieve their goals in business. It's a facultative symbiotic relationship. We lend assistance to the largest corporations in trade for them providing the resources and cooperation we need to (1) restore, fortify and preserve America and (2) improve the human condition worldwide.

Emotions and other inspirations are at the center of everything human beings think, say and do. Executive managers need to understand how emotions and other inspirations work if they are to be effective consistently when making decisions regarding the positioning, packaging and advertisement of their company's image, products and services. The first step is education. We explain how emotions and other inspirations work and exactly how and why human beings respond the way they do to them. Acquiring this knowledge gives our clients the winning advantage.

Understanding how emotions and other inspirations work reveals the one motivation behind all human behavior. This one motivation is identical in all species and leads to a revolutionary new understanding of human nature.

Once executive managers understand the one motivation behind all human behavior, we demonstrate how to apply this breakthrough discovery to enhance the image of their corporation. We show them how to identify and attain the most enviable defendable position in the marketplace. By applying what we have discovered about human nature, we can help them insulate their products and services so they are virtually unassailable by the competition. In addition, we show our clients how to advertise and promote with precision, insuring their ad campaigns are effective and not counterproductive.

This knowledge is essential to assure consistent success. While other executive managers are forced to roll the dice and rely on experience and gut feelings to guide them, our clients know exactly how far to push the envelope with the assurance they will achieve their goals on budget and on time.


We teach heads of state the same technology, enabling them to resolve their nation's social and political problems with precision. We also work with members of legislative bodies, teaching representatives how to construct public programs so they resolve problems rather than exacerbate them. Those with political ambition are welcome as well because our children and grandchildren need us to stack the various legislative bodies in America and around the world with problem solvers. Those armed with this knowledge become enormously capable and valuable to society because science and not politics will be their compass. 


To facilitate change in our lifetime, we need to make our breakthrough work in understanding human nature public in a big way quickly. Only if the public and the media believe that "Gravity Theory" explains human nature will our representatives and administrators adopt proper policy, making a political solution possible. To that end, we have formed a task force of patriotic and courageous visionaries. The 39 members of "The Task Force to Save America" will be credited with returning America to its former glory. They will make it possible for us at "Spring Gravity Theory" to do our work by making public two revelations about human nature. First, the wanted, cherished and universally adopted theory of human nature (called "Spring Theory") is wrong in that it does not explain human behavior. Second, "Gravity Theory" (and only "Gravity Theory") explains the general nature of human beings.


Read through the links (from top to bottom) on the vertical menu to the left. Then contact us with your questions or interest. We receive inquiries of all kinds from around the world. Naturally we are forced to be selective with whom we work. If you are a prominent public official, a chief executive of a major corporation or a media personality with high visibility, your email will be forwarded to one of the principles of SpringGravity.com who will return your email directly.